Participants can expect to play outside just like they did when they were children. Recess, this time around, is designed to provide you with a rigorous workout keeping you in great shape while having fun getting into great shape! As a child you ran, jumped, played back-yard games, climbed and even crawled. For an adult, these movements (and many more) provide great workouts. The class meets Thursdays at 8pm on the Weehawken Waterfront.

Tired of sitting at your computer for house, days and years on end? All this inactivity negatively affects your health. Your health affects your job. Enjoy a complimentary Adult Recess class in order to bring the health back into your life, thus, influencing more productivity in your career. Adult Recess offers a team-building and motivational environment, which will transition into the office.

Founder of PPTS, developed the intensive drills and partner/group activities for his classes while keeping the benefits of recess in mind: recess leads to reduction in stress, improved fitness levels, and so much more. Participants in his Adult Recess Programs will experience the same satisfaction kids get when they take a break from school, but the rewards are much bigger in the adult world. Recess is fun and reduces stress. Exercise leads to increased creativity and productivity, which aid in the business environment.