Professional. Enthusiastic. Results-oriented. Those are some of the words clients have used to describe George Guerin, President and Founder of PPTS Wellness, an in-home, comprehensive wellness system established in 2002, focusing on fitness, nutrition and massage for individuals and students of all fitness levels.

Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the American Council on Exercise, Guerin counts celebrities, socialites and global corporate titans, as well as athletes, professionals and homemakers, as his PPTS clients.

Recently Guerin parlayed his experience to partner with several schools in NYC, enriching their physical education classes. The inclusive curriculum features conditioning, movement patterns, focus, sports skills and team building, and each unit plan ends with a community-based activity such as a trip to the YMCA or Chelsea Piers to hone skills on a real field, court, pool or climbing wall.

In addition to his fitness work, Guerin’s blog is one of the most widely read fitness publications as ranked by the Alexa Scale, a measurement of a web site’s popularity based on usage patterns. Guerin’s blog was rated seventh most popular health and fitness blog among leading Mayo Clinic, Wall Street Journal Health and Men’s Health websites.

A background in athletics and physical conditioning proved the impetus for Guerin’s move to the fitness industry. Recognized by top fitness industry companies including Adidas, Fox News Channel and Men’s Health, he was touted by Gran Crea magazine for his fitness practices and 20,000+ hours spent training. 

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